Frank A. Thomas

Preacher, teacher, scholar, lecturer, author, and master coach

About the Frank A. Thomas Project

The Frank A. Thomas Project was an idea and a gift presented to Frank A. Thomas. Three former members of New Faith Baptist Church (which Frank A. Thomas pastored from 1982-1999) approached Thomas with the idea to collect as many of his sermons from the New Faith years as possible. Based upon the fact that they found such value and meaning in his preaching, Glenda Griffin, James Tolbert, and Willis Robinson endeavored to find as many of the 1800 sermons preached during those eighteen years as possible. 

An all-out call and appeal went out for sermons, and through hard work and many phone calls, they were able to collect 275 sermons; virtually all of them in the form of audio cassettes. Then the massive task of digitizing those sermons began. In November 2013, they presented Frank A. Thomas with 80 digitized sermons. Their work is the basis of the audio sermons on this website. Their diligence and excitement prodded and convinced Frank A. Thomas to collect all of his content and make it available via website to any who found it meaningful and helpful.

We are still collecting sermons, lectures, or anything else that features the preaching, teaching, and speaking ministry of Frank A. Thomas. You can check this spreadsheet that lists what we have found and catalogued to this point. If you have other sermons, not on the list, we would like to get them from you, digitize the message, and then get the material back to you. Once we digitize the material, we place it in the Teaching & Inspiration section of this website. We believe that there are many people who would benefit from the preaching ministry of Frank A. Thomas.

If you have sermons of Frank A. Thomas not on the list, we would appreciate it if you would help us by filling out the information below so we can contact you.

Thank you for your support, and we are looking to expand into the Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church years (1999-2012) and the Christian Theological Seminary years (2013-present). Give us those materials, and we will post those as well.

Tell your family and friends that the Frank A. Thomas project is up, and sermons are available free of charge.

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